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Modular Courses

PowerRox has a comprehensive and ever-growing list of training modules that cover all aspects of the power conversion market.  The modules are all structured as one (1) hour presentations so you can mix-and-match to your liking.

There are a variety of coverage areas (i.e. - Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing, etc.) & depth levels (Introductory / Intermediate / Advanced) with some complimentary hybrids throughout the course list.

Tailor To Your Schedule & Budget

Single Module (1 HR INSTRUCTION TIME), Half-Day (3 HR INSTRUCTION TIME), & Full-Day (6 HR INSTRUCTION TIME) Options Available

Talk To Us

Please direct any questions and/or special requests to PowerRox c/o Brian Zahnstecher (bz@powerrox.com, 508-847-5747).  We also welcome any suggestions for future modules you would like to see added to the standard offering listed here.

PowerRox Course Module Overview

Please reference the “PowerRox Course Module Overview” document for detail and outlines of each course module.

  • MODULE PR-1Data Center Hardware Overview
  • MODULE PR-2Data Center Structure Overview
  • MODULE PR-3Intelligent Power Management in the Data Center
  • MODULE PR-4An In-depth Look at Power Efficiency
  • MODULE PR-5Implications of Digital Power Solutions
  • MODULE PR-6Server Power Architectures & Budgeting
  • MODULE PR-7Power Supply Design for Commodity Managers
  • MODULE PR-8OEM Front-end Power Supply Design Requirements
  • MODULE PR-9OEM On-board Power Supply Design Requirements
  • MODULE PR-10OEM Power Supply Hardware/Software Interface Requirements
  • MODULE PR-11OEM Power Solutions System Qualification
  • MODULE PR-12OEM Power Solutions Manufacturing Requirements
  • MODULE PR-13OEM Multisourcing & Supply Chain Requirements
  • MODULE PR-14OEM Market Penetration
  • MODULE PR-15OEM Customer Support Expectations
  • MODULE PR-16OEM Key Stakeholders Overview
  • MODULE PR-17Traditional vs. White-box Server Solutions Overview
  • MODULE PR-18Enterprise Power Supply Market Overview
  • MODULE PR-19Power Supply Market Disruption
  • MODULE PR-20The Internet of Things (IoT), Wearables, & Energy Harvesting (EH) Ecosystem***
  • MODULE PR-21Assessing the Power & Market Impacts of 5G***


If you have any requests for modules other than what is listed and/or require a highly customized experience, then please discuss it with us and we will be happy to accommodate.